Notes on the history and future development of the Aeroexperiments website

Welcome to Steve Seibel's "Aeroexperiments" website. This page is currently under construction, last updated April 20 2014. Stay tuned for more!

Notes on the history of the Aeroexperiments website:

Some of this content first appeared in a couple of articles I wrote for Hang Gliding magazine-- "A New Perspective on Hang-Glider Turns" (February 2000), and "More on Slips, Turns, and Spirals" (July 2000). I was wrote a longer article to explore some of these concepts in more depth, which originally appeared on-line in 2000. The Aeroexperiments domain first appeared in 2003, thanks to web hosting provided by my friend Jim Norton. The website was continually developed until 2008 when I put it on the back burner and let it rest without updates or modifications. As a result, some of the older content my not be entirely aligned with my current views. I've also come up with better ways to describe some of these ideas.

The old content was intended to be navigated primarily from the sitemap. It will be apparent to any viewer that I had several different ideas on the best way to organize this content, and never really developed a way to give the unitiated viewer a "guided tour" through the key concepts of interest. Although I'm not ready to fully retire the old content yet, I don't expect or recommend that many people will spend much time wading through this vast amount of material!

Planned future development of the Aeroexperiments website:

For the near future, I don't plan to put any energy into updating the old Aeroexperiments pages. I'm planning to create new content along the lines of "The Hang Glider's Technical Notebook" by Finbar Sheehy-- a booklet consisting of a series of chapters, each of which explores one key topic of interest and builds on the previous chapters. The target audience will be any hang glider pilot or designer with a deep interest in flight dynamics and a familiarity with basic high-school-level physics-- i.e. a basic understanding of force, acceleration, torque, rotational acceleration, etc. I may then try to simplify this into a short series of articles to offer to Hang Gliding and Paragliding magazine, with the hope of making some lasting changes in the way that certain key concepts are presented in hang gliding training literature.

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